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Zip-Up Purse Tutorial
, Ashley Puriri
If you're looking for a quick and fun sewing project, this five minute zip-up purse is perfect! The tutorial comes from our friend Cheryl Bush over at the Sew Can Do Blog

5 Minute Waterproof Zip-Up Purse Tutorial

By Cheryl Bush

  • Waterproof Oxford fabric 
  • Zipper
  • Pins, rotary cutter/shears, ruler, zipper foot
  • Optional: walking foot, pinking shears, beads & jewelry wire (for zipper charm)
These are so quick to make, I did one for myself and one as a birthday gift for my sister who is an elephant lover. I just changed the dimensions slightly. For the larger one with the matching zipper charm, I cut a 8 inch wide by 9 inch high piece and used a 7 inch zipper. For mine I used 7 inch wide by 8 inch high piece and this cool rainbow 6 inch zipper:
With the zipper facing down & fabric facing up, pin the zipper tape to the top edge of the fabric and stitch together. Start and stop stitching 1/2 inch from each end (this is so you can fold the zipper tape down when you do the sides).
Then pull up the bottom edge and pin that to the other side of the zipper tape, right sides facing and stitch together.
Before sewing up the sides, pin back the zipper tape edges so they'll stay under the stitching and hidden inside the purse when turned right side out.  Only place the pins in the seam allowance so no holes will show.  Also make sure the zipper is a bit open so you can unzip it completely to turn it.  Stitch with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
After sides are sewn up, trim down seam allowance with pinking shears:
Turn purse right side out.  On the purse I made as a gift, I added some jewelry wire and these fun elephant beads that were a perfect match to my fabric to make a zipper charm:
I've been using mine constantly as a coin purse and despite getting tossed around tons in my handbags, it looks great.  Added bonus - the colorful print makes it easy to find in the dark recesses of my bags too. 
This tutorial was originally posted on the Sew Can Do Blog. It has been republished with permission from the author.