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creating room for growth
, Jasmine Simpson

Through years of working closely with creators, we've discovered seven distinct reasons why we are driven to create—joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, and renewal. We call these the creative intentions. 


Step one of the Create Room Journey can help you identify your core creative intention, but you will likely crave to fulfill each of the creative intentions at different times, depending on what you feel you need.

To help us each learn how to be more intentional in our creative activities, we invite you to join us each month as we focus on a specific creative intention. Subscribe to our email list in order to be notified of the intention of the month! 

Create Room For Growth 

This month our community is focused on finding growth. Take a moment to think back on creative experiences that helped you grow. Maybe it was exploring a new craft or taking on a difficult project. Whatever it is, how will you carve out time for more of that this month?

Or, if you're drawing a blank, we invite you to spend some time this month exploring creative activities that help you grow! 

Growth Sources



To help you focus on growth this month, we'd like to give you some of our growth wallpapers as a reminder of your commitment to focus on growing your creative talents!


Click on an image below (or hold down if you're on a phone) to download one of our growth themed wallpapers for your phone or computer!







Show us how you create room for growth this month with #CreateRoomForGrowth.




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