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Sew Station®

Your ultimate sewing companion

  • Recessed machine position
  • Electric lifter to stow machine away
  • Two table leafs for a large workspace
  • Latch system to lock to DreamBox
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with the sew station, my sewing machine is the highlight. I don't get distracted by any mess
With the Sew Station, my sewing machine is the highlight.
You don't get distracted by any mess.

Product Description

Product details

This patented pop-up mobile sew station provides a sewing space when and where you need it. With a quick setup, you’ll maximize your time to sew. The side and back table leafs are ideal for cutting table space and fabric support when sewing large items. The spool holder stores all of your threads within reach. The electric lifter effortlessly moves your machine below the worktop to store. The Sew Station locks to the DreamBox to create the ultimate sewing suite, an L-shaped workspace. 

Sew Station includes:

• 3 shelves
• The InView™ Totes are food safe, FDA approved
• 2 notions (5.84cm W x 30.48cm L x 7.62 H)
• 2 shoebox (13.97cm W x 30.48cm L x 11.43cm H)
• Spool holder that stores 64 standard threads and 12 serger threads 
• Electric lifter to effortlessly stow away your machine

Sew Steady Insert 

Sew Steady acrylic insert customized to fit your sewing machine. Included with purchase.

Caster wheels

Sturdy wheels for easy movement. The wheels lock to stabilize the worktop. 

Product dimensions

- Closed dimensions: 107.95cm W, 59.69cm L, 73.66cm H 
- Back leaf: 48.26cm x 106.68
- Side leaf: 58.42cm x 66.04cm
- Tabletop opening to insert sewing machine: 60.96cm x 31.12cm
- Depth for sewing machine to stow away: 41.91cm
- Fits machines up to 53.34cm long and 29.21cm wide
- Maximum machine weight is 20.4kg
- Each table leaf holds up to 15.88kg

Latch system- Compatible with the DreamBox and WorkBox

The latch can be positioned on either side of the table to attach on the right or left of your DreamBox or WorkBox table, creating one continuous work surface.


The product weighs 43.1kg.
Each table leaf weighs 15.88kg

Kim's Sew Station Video Review

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what folks are saying about the Sew Station
what folks are saying about the Sew Station




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