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How To Turn Your Sew Station Into a Cricut Crafting Station
, Jasmine Simpson

There’s nothing more frustrating than a cluttered workspace. Small tools and supplies often pile up, making your table unrecognizable. Heavy cutting machines are difficult to move in a tight space, and you can never seem to find the right spot for your vinyl rolls and cutting boards. It’s a struggle we’ve all faced at times, which is exactly what inspired Kylie to move her Cricut machine into her Sew Station, transforming her setup into a new Cricut Crafting Station.

Check out Kylie’s new Cricut Station below:



To anyone who might have asked a couple of months ago, Kylie would have said that the Sew Station was mainly for her sewing projects on the side:

“Originally, I bought the Sew Station for my sewing machine, even though I am not an experienced sewer. I don't do much sewing, but I wanted this product because it matched my DreamBox and my DreamCart, and it would make it very easy for me to sew small projects because it was already set up and ready to go, I just had to push a button and I could begin sewing. It also gave me the extra table space when not in use that every crafter needs.”

Now, however, Kylie’s switched up her setup and she can’t wait to share it with all of us! The Sew Station isn’t just for sewers, it can be used for avid scrapbookers, card makers, and several other types of crafters.

“It was not until about a month ago, that I discovered that my Cricut Maker would fit on the lifter shelf and I could raise and lower my Cricut when I wanted to use it. Because I use my Cricut significantly more than my sewing machine, this has become the permanent home for my Cricut, and my sewing machine is stored in a rolling tote under the lifer shelf. Absolute game changer for me.”

In her Sew Station setup, Kylie stores the Cricut Maker on the electric lifter. Since the lifter can raise and lower her machine with ease, she now has a convenient space for her machine and Cricut supplies. The added table leafs provide plenty of extra room for laying out cutting mats, side projects, and more!

When the electric lifter returns to its resting position, the Cricut machine lowers smoothly inside the Sew Station without catching on any of your stored supplies. As seen above, Kylie stores her Cricut Maker® 3 inside hers! Other machines like the Cricut Maker®, and the Cricut Joy™ all pair well with the electric lifter.

To see if your machine fits properly on the electric lifter, measure the dimensions of your machine and make sure it lines up with these measurements here:
  • Length & Width: the lifter platform is 23" inches long x 12.25" inches wide. For good measure, it will fit machines that are 23" x 12".
  • Height: The maximum height clearance for machines, once lowered into the Sew Station, is 21" inches tall.
  • Make sure to measure your machine before placing it onto the Sew Station lifter to ensure the best fit possible! If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at

    With all the commotion going in and out of your crafting space, it’s always nice to have a Sew Station that you can close up and tuck away when not in use. Sturdy wheels allow for the hinged door to slide smoothly open and closed, even in tight spaces. On Kylie’s hinged door, she likes to hang her Cricut cutting mats so she can have everything in view.

    Inside the Sew Station, shelf space is ideal for storing Cricut supplies, such as markers, scrapers, spatulas, and other handheld tools like the weeder. The lower shelves fit 12X12 vinyl rolls as well as most vinyl for the Cricut Joy, keeping all your materials right on hand while using your cutting machine.

    Now that you’ve explored Kylie’s unique setup, remember that the Sew Station is yours to organize how you see fit. Whether you like to sew, paint, or scrapbook like Kylie, choose whichever layout speaks to you most and enjoy the feeling of having a fully organized space!


    Shop the Sew Station for your very own Cricut crafting setup!






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