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About Us
Founder story
Meet Yvonne, Owner and heartbeat behind our company.

"On behalf of everyone here at Create Room, welcome to the Family, a group of dreamers and creators! This company and community hold a very special place in my heart. Back in 2005, my brother-in-law, Garth, and his friend, Glen, had an idea for an all-in-one solution to the messy craft room that was all too common in their own homes. The DreamBox was born! The idea caught on quickly, and boxes were soon being shipped to homes all across the country. In February 2013, things came to a sudden halt when the warehouse caught fire. Everything burned to the ground, leaving behind a lot of uncertainty about the direction and survival of the company.

A trailer was all that remained after the fire.

After many sleepless nights and hours spent meeting and talking to hundreds of women, I became more committed to this community of crafters. I understood the innate desire to create, the importance of organization, and the comfort of having a creative space in your home. I feel a sense of peace and excitement knowing that there is a dedicated space where I can go to dream and create. I hope you will feel this same joy as you design your own unique workspace. I can’t wait to see where this new journey takes you!"

- Yvonne Hubert Owner & Lifelong Crafter

Our Team