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explore the sew station through the eyes of 5 expert sewers
, Jasmine Simpson

If you’re seeking advice when it comes to sewing room organization, you won’t have to look much further than the Sew Station from Create RoomThis piece is an all-in-one solution designed to make your sewing experience easier, decrease setup time, keep your supplies organized, and help you do more of what you love! Here are five expert creators who can tell you all about it:


Renee Hill

There’s a lot to love about the Sew Station, but the electric lifter is certainly Renee Hill’s favorite part. Like Renee, many sewers can probably relate to the hassle of repeatedly lifting and re-positioning heavy sewing machines around a cramped crafting space. With the electric lifter, she can finally finish each of her projects with ease.

See what Renee has to say about her Sew Station and DreamBox setup:


Sweet Red Poppy

If you asked her yourself, Kimberly Coffin from Sweet Red Poppy would probably tell you that she’s a fabric addict. She explores sewing with various fabrics, colors, textures and patterns, meaning that she needs just the right amount of space to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

With her DreamBox and Sew Station setup, Kimberly’s craft room gives her plenty of craft storage space using the three InView Totes as well as spool holders in the pull-out drawer.

See her full Sew Station tour below:


See Kate Sew

As a pattern designer and a seamstress, Kate Blocher wanted a space that could accommodate her supplies and machines. The DreamBox and Sew Station setup gave her the perfect space to store needles, extra bobbins, fabric markers, and spools of thread.

“Every time I sew at the Sew Station, I feel ready to sew. It’s such a clean space and has everything right at hand. I have been loving my DreamBox on it’s own, but adding the Sew Station has been amazing!! Both pieces function on their own, but together they are the perfect craft storage solution!”

Like most creators out there, Kate needed a designated space for each of her projects and tasks. One key feature of the Sew Station enabled her to connect the piece to her DreamBox, creating an L-shaped center for her projects. With this, she achieved a fuller table space without having to give up a large portion of her craft room.

The extra table space not only enabled her to setup a streamlined flow for both of her sewing machines, but also gave her a spot for ironing her fabric. The back table is now Kate’s favorite spot for cutting fabric and tracing patterns.

Kate especially loves how both the back and side tables fold up and down, enabling her to tuck away the Sew Station as a nice side piece when not needed.


Heather Handmade

Heather Paulsen, also known as Heather Handmade, is a passionate seamstress and pattern designer focused on clothing construction. As a mom of three kids, she enjoys refashioning and upcycling clothes to bring new life into old items.

Heather’s passion for sewing unfortunately came with frustrations keeping projects organized around the house. Between cluttered table spaces and unorganized bins, she was constantly losing track of important tools needed for her projects.

“I almost always have a mess somewhere in my sewing room. I would spend time cleaning it every couple of weeks, and it would always get messy again.”

With help from the DreamBox and her Sew Station, she said she has not lost anything in her sewing room since! Heather discovered she could work twice as fast in her new space, successfully completing five projects soon after her Sew Station arrived.

The pull-out drawers provide her the perfect place for all her clothing tags, pins, and elastics. “I love when I’m sewing kids leggings or pajamas and I can quickly reach down and pick out elastic that is the size I need.”

See Heather’s own Sew Station setup in her video below:

For the full recap of Heather’s Sew Station review, check out her blog post here!

Autumn Baldwin

Before Autumn Baldwin got her DreamBox and Sew Station, her office was in such disarray that it wasn’t as inviting as she hoped it would be. She often spent most of her crafting time at the kitchen table instead of her office. Much to her dismay, Autumn wasn’t able to fully enjoy and utilize the office as her craft space.

“We’ve lived in our current house for 5 years and this room has been my “office” the whole time, but before I had a DreamBox, I spent most of my crafting time at my kitchen table. Because my office was always a mess. And even when it was clean, it wasn’t inviting. Now I really enjoy spending time in my craft room.”

With the beautifully organized layout of both her DreamBox and Sew Station, Autumn finally achieved the inviting office space she had always wanted. The Sew Station created ample room for her sewing projects without taking up unnecessary space.

“Like the DreamBox, it folds up into a small cabinet that looks great in your sewing room and frees up space. When it’s all folded up, you have a nice flat top and you can’t even see your sewing machine”

Since Autumn’s DreamBox connects perfectly to her Sew Station, she can now work on two machines (including her serger) using the extra table space. She keeps all her fabric, machine needles, pins, bobbins, and seam rippers in the pull-out drawers. Autumn was also able to purchase long-awaited supplies to complete her setup.

“The extra fold-out table tops are so handy! I got a small pressing mat and a mini iron so that I can press seams right from my sew station. No more walking back and forth between my sewing machine and ironing board!”

Many of our creators use their Sew Stations to get organized and expand their sewing talents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and use it for a Cricut machine just like Kylie Jones did below! 

However you use it, we hope the Sew Station brings as much organizational joy to your life as it has to thousands of others.


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