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Why Cricut crafters love the DreamBox
, Corinne Spears

We love Cricut crafting and know you do too. This is why we took special care to design the perfect workspace for your Cricut machines and supplies.

We checked in with some of our favorite Cricut gurus to hear how ScrapBox furniture has impacted their crafting experience. Read on for all the juicy details.  

1. Kim of Sweet Red Poppy 

Kim just moved into her DreamBox and is already in love. 

As a sewing, crafting, and Cricut expert, she has been in the game for a long time and had never encountered anything like the DreamBox.

I decided to use the left hand side of my DreamBox to store the majority of my Cricut supplies. The paper and vinyl fits perfectly in the large acrylic boxes. There’s even a spot to hang up all of your Cricut tools. The middle section offers ample storage space for my 3 Cricut EasyPresses, two Explore Air 2 machines, and an additional sewing machine. It really is a game changer for my craft room!”

Read her full DreamBox review here

Kim also uses the Side Table Accessory to add more table space to her DreamBox setup.  

“I love being able to set up multiple stations for my projects because it helps me to be more efficient with my time.”

Check out Kim's adorable Wild Rose Vinyl Sign tutorial for the Cricut and start preparing decor for your future ScrapBox.

2. Katie of Clarks Condensed

Ever heard of Clarks Condensed?

If you are a Cricut crafter, we are sure you have—but we will introduce her anyways. 

Katie started her blog in 2013, merging her communications degree with the desire to be a stay-at-home-mom. This led her on a wonderful adventure of sharing recipe tutorials, fun DIYs, and so much more. Six years later, Katie is now known as a Cricut crafting guru.

She believes her WorkBox was a game changer for her.

"A large part of my business involves creating LOTS of Cricut-related content, which means I have tons of Cricut supplies, materials, and machines (with more that comes monthly).

It was quickly overtaking my house, and I still couldn't find what I was needing. I would often go out and buy new Cricut or crafting supplies because everything was a disaster.

My WorkBox 3.0 changed that - I was finally able to organize all my crafting and Cricut supplies in a way that allowed me to know exactly what I had, what I needed to get more of, and most importantly, it helped me take my house back."

Watch a tour of Katie's box here. 

If you’ve been wanting to try Cricut crafting, but are not sure where to start, read Katie's blog, "Cricut Space Design FAQ: Everything You Need to Know". It'll leave you feeling confident and ready to complete your first project.

3. Sheila of Red Shoes Red Wine 

Sheila is a geo-cartographer, world traveler, cruiser, wine enthusiast, costumer, sewist, runner, shopaholic, camper/hiker, nerd, wife, and dog mom.

On her blog you’ll find travel and cruise tips, wine pairing and reviews, costume and sewing tutorials, and everything in between.

While she loves all of the above, she is a true master of costuming. Sheila tells us how the WorkBox has helped her utilize the Cricut more frequently in her craft.

“I use my Cricut primarily for costume making, particularly for cutting pattern pieces on craft foam as well as iron-on vinyl letters. The space behind the table in the WorkBox 2.0 is ideal for the Cricut and the totes and drawers directly around it are convenient for storing Cricut tools and vinyl sheets. The workflow between my WorkBox and Cricut is seamless.”

Planning on having some nice champagne (or Martinelli's) in celebration of your DreamBox? Don't put those caps in the trash just yet. Use Sheila's cork cap magnet tutorial for a fun and easy DIY.

4. Desiree of Made by Mermaids 

Desiree spent most of her life dreaming up ideas and creations, but says she was always too afraid to show others her work.

Everything changed in 2012 when she got her first set of beads and pliers from Michael's Craft Store.

Several years later, she now runs a side business selling her handmade jewelry and spends nearly all her free time exploring new creative outlets. From jewelry making, painting, creating unique home decor and repurposing antiques, she does a little bit of everything. Her newest obsession? Cricut crafting!

She says she never would have thought to purchase a machine before getting the WorkBox. Now, it is accessible and conveniently located in the center of her box. Check out her first ever Cricut Craft below!

She has grown to be a lover of all things Cricut.

"I use my Cricut for so many things! I used it for all of my Christmas gifts for my family and friends this year, jewelry cards for my business, decorations for my husbands 30th Birthday, decor for my home, and so many other things!

The WorkBox 3.0 has helped me tremendously while making Cricut crafts because it fits perfectly and when I am done using it can be tucked away. My vinyl and iron on are neatly stored in the acrylic totes. My Cricut tools hang just to my left on the side door hooks. It makes crafting effortless, easy and so much fun!

The stress of a messy desk had me blocked creatively. But with the WorkBox 3.0 that’s no longer an issue. :)"

Desiree recently started her own podcast to help inspire others to follow their creative whims! Listen here!

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