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We changed our name. Here's why.
, Alyssa Alley

The Original ScrapBox is now Create Room. New name, same commitment to helping crafters carve out time and space to create. Watch our creation video to hear the story behind our new name and read below for more background on our journey to get here. We're so excited for this new chapter for our company and community. 

We all must intentionally create room for ourselves and our creativity

In June of 2019, we hosted the first create room challenge. We asked our community of crafters to join us for ten days to take action and create room for themselves. Game on. Thousands responded. 

Here’s what one participant said -

I give myself permission to color, journal, or craft something, especially when I feel stressed out or overwhelmed by other aspects of my life. This is important because I need to remember to take care of myself, my mental health, and my well-being, especially when I feel like I don't have enough time for it.

We were so touched by the thoughtful participation that we decided to host a second challenge three months later. More crafter’s committed to create room for themselves -

I give myself permission to block out some time every week for creating, maybe a time for learning something new in a crafting class.

I give myself permission to: sew something every day. By myself with no kids in the room. This is important because: sewing makes me feel like myself. 

From special events to daily practices

The Create Room Journey is now available for everyone everyday. Start now. Invite a friend. The Journey will take you through five steps to ensure you get the creative time you need. From declaring your creative purpose to practical decluttering tips, you will learn how to clear the way for yourself and your creative activities. Join our community and share your success! 

We are excited to see where the Create Room Journey takes you. Leave a comment below and let us know why creativity is so important to you! 




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