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Upgrade Your Her HobbyBox
, Keith Hubert

After buying one of our products or when shopping around, you may ask yourself, "Is there anything else I may want to buy with my Her HobbyBox.  Well let us take a look at Her HobbyBox accessories.  All her HobbyBox accessories work with the Teresa Collins Studio Box (discontinued product).

1) Her HobbyBox Upgrade Kit

Not in love with the velcro wall?  Wish you had more shelves?  Check out this upgrade that will forever give you more shelves than you can hope for!

2) Clear Totes Short Stack #1 for Teresa Collins Studio Box (Clear totes are included with Her HobbyBox)

The Clear Totes provide stability, washability, and see-ability that the fabric totes could never provide.

3) 1" Supply Stackable 4-pack

You can fit up to 6 of these in each clear tote, which gives you unlimited ways to organize you supplies that will forever change your life.

4) Plastic Notions Tray Inserts 5-pack

Keep you supplies even more organized using the tray inserts to further divide up your stash.

5) ScrapMaBob & ScrapMaBob Caddy

No more spilled drinks on your work space.  No more tying your trash bags to the edge of your table!  The ScrapMaBob not only solves these problems, but if you buy the Caddy along side it you can organize pens/ rulers so they are all close at hand!

6) ScrapMaBox

The ScrapMaBox is another way to organize your pens/ markers/ pencil and you can customize the slots to fit you need.  Pull out a couple dividers and use the ScrapMaBox to organize your stamp pads!

7) Ribbon Box

The best ribbon organizer.  Little known fact about this accessory is it is very easy to double the ribbons so instead of just 27 spools of ribbon, you can fit 54!  Take ribbon organizing to the next level for under $20!