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three expert seamstresses share their organization tips
, Alyssa Alley

Looking for ways to organize your sewing supplies in the DreamBox? You're in luck! Read on for tips from expert seamstresses who have found the best ways to get organized. 

Kate of See Kate Sew

Kate is the pattern designer and seamstress behind the popular blog, See Kate Sew. She loves creating things with big bows, ruffles, clean lines and unexpected details. Her sewing setup is made up of the DreamBox and Sew Station

Tip #1: Keep bias tape "filed" in shoebox totes with dividers so you can easily flip through to find what you need. 

Tip #2: Lay zippers flat in narrows notions totes, organized by color. 

Tip #3: Use the Paper Organizer for paper patterns and acrylic rulers. 

Heather of Heather Handmade

Heather is a clothing construction extraordinaire, pattern designer and all around maker. Find her patterns, tutorials and more at She recently transformed her sewing room into a more organized and functional setup with the help of the DreamBox and Sew Station.  

Tip #1: Use the dividers in the plastic totes to keep small things separated. 

Tip #2: Keep similar things together like sewing machine feet and sewing machine needles, scissors and seam rippers, rulers, etc.

Tip #3: Pick a shelf in your DreamBox to keep your sewing reference books handy and all in one place.

Tip #4: Change the direction of the thread shelves in the Sew Station so you can see the thread from the side instead of from the top. 

Missy of The Little Green Bean

Missy is the creator behind the family-run business, The Little Green Bean. They make happy things for the home including handmade gnomes, fabric pumpkins and other fun and unique items. She uses the DreamBox to stay organized and efficient. 

Tip #1: Color coordinate! It not only makes your dream box look pretty it also helps you find things faster!

Tip #2: Add bins inside your 12 x 12 totes! This helps keep things sorted and organized. They are easy to find and your totes stay nice and neat!"

Share your own organization tips for sewing supplies in a comment below. 




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