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The Create Room shapes and their meaning
, Brielle Davidson

Creating something with your hands is a powerful process. It fulfills deep human needs. Through years of working closely with creators, we've discovered seven distinct reasons why we are driven to create—joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, and renewal.

If you haven't already, take step 1 of the Create Room Journey to find your core creative purpose. 

Peace, reliability, security

This shape rests securely on the ground and rises up towards the open air. It’s blue, a color to slow down your heart rate and enable you to take a deep breath. If this is your shape, you create to reduce stress and feel peace.

Energy, passion and appetite

This shape rises to the right signaling an increase in energy. The red color signifies a creative adrenaline rush. If this is your shape, you are a passionate creator. You’re always energized by a new creative challenge.

Compassion, beauty, a human touch 

This is an amoeba shape, symbolic of life. If you create for self-expression, you are most fulfilled when you are making your mark. You most often seek to express your unique voice.

Clarity, warmth, optimism

A bright sun rising over the horizon, this shape represents creative joy and happiness. If this is your primary shape, you seek to spread optimism and always look at the positive side. Your creations bring joy to others.

Wisdom and creativity

If this is your shape, you seek to learn and grow with each creative experience. You stretch high to expand your skills, then touch down again with confidence in your new learnings.

Heal, restore, refresh

The circle is the symbol for the cycle of life. Blue-green evokes restoration and refreshment. If this is your shape, you create to feel rejuvenated, to fill your empty tank.

Kindred spirits, connected beings

Two shapes join to form one. Connection is the most essential human need. If you create to connect with others, your creations are for other people. Or, maybe you predominantly love to craft with others by your side.




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