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The Original ScrapBox is now Create Room.
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meet the owner behind this colorful dreambox
, Ashley Puriri

Claire is a crafter 

Where I create 

"I create in the spare bedroom in our house. It's a craft room/guest room with a sofa bed but it's a craft room first and foremost, full of colour and unadulterated joy." 

"I sing wax lyrical about my cabinet regularly because it has completely changed the way that I craft. NO LONGER are my supplies buried in the deepest darkest boxes of my storage units. They’re all insanely easy to access, to keep organized and put away!"

What I create 

"I am an all-purpose crafter since it's my full-time job but my passion is mixed media art and paper crafting; it's what I've been creating the longest and I offer both free and paid paper crafting templates for my readers. Memory keeping craft supplies are quite possibly my favourites and anything that will help to compliment my current craft room decor turns me into a magpie."