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Maker Feature: Stephanie of 1st Pointe
, Brielle Davidson

Stephanie is a life-long dancer, dance teacher and visual artist. She pursued these passions separately for many years, but ultimately found an overlap—resulting in a thriving business and her most rewarding creative work yet. 

The what and why 

Stephanie uses mixed media to transform ballet pointe shoes into commemorative art pieces. Why pointe shoes? The significance is something Stephanie is well acquainted with. It can take eight (or more) years of training before a dancer is able to advance to this level.

When her two daughters earned their first pair, she wanted to find a way to preserve and celebrate the accomplishment. This led her to create her first, of what would be many, hand-painted and embellished pointe shoes. 

Where the magic happens

This type of crafting requires a lot of supplies—as any mixed-media artist will know. Before the DreamBox, Stephanie says she wasted a lot of time going from one room to another, gathering it all up. There were piles here and there, multiple desks—she was constantly misplacing things.

"Now I have everything exactly where I need it and can see it," she says. "The Box becomes a palette for what I will create."

More from Stephanie

Watch below to hear more about Stephanie's artistic journey and how she organizes her DreamBox. See more of her creations at

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