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Karley's Cricut Craft Place
, Alyssa Alley

We gave a few crafters early access to the DreamCart. For Karley, it has become a dedicated Cricut crafting place, which has helped her spend more time creating.  

Why do you create?

My passion is being creative. I love coming up with an idea and being able to turn that into a tangible project. Most of the projects I create are gifts to family and friends because I love being able to give a little piece of my heart to those who I love the most. In addition to gifting, I craft to teach others how to craft. I feel like my true purpose in life is empowering others to make their own projects so that they can achieve whatever dreams they may have for themselves.

What kind of crafter are you? 

I consider myself a Jill of trades, master of none! I have coined the term “experimental crafter” for myself. I like to come up with projects and techniques I have never seen and then figure out the best, easiest way to execute my idea. You’ll find lots of failed projects on my workstation and every now and and again, I’ll come up with a new technique that even surprises myself!  

How is the DreamCart for Cricut crafting?

The DreamCart is a product that I didn’t know I needed until I used it. My current craft space lacks useable table surfaces that I can really spread out on. The DreamCart allows me to fold out table space, spread out my supplies, and then neatly store everything in a compact area. When stored, the cart takes up about the same space as a small side table, but when folded out, I have an entire desk to use for myself and a friend!

How is the setup when it’s connected to the DreamBox?

When the DreamBox and DreamCart are connected, you get the perfect work space. Not only does your table space double, but your storage under the cart makes it super easy to grab what you need, use it, and put it away. If I can put stuff away while I craft, the entire clean up process takes less time, and I can get back to what I love doing, experimenting! I typically craft alone, but on days where I need a little extra inspiration, I love to have friends come over to craft with me. The DreamCart gives you an additional spot at the table for another person to craft comfortably… maybe even two additional people!

How easy is the DreamCart to open and close? To move around?

The DreamCart is so easy to open, close, and adjust! The entire cart is on wheels so it easily moves around your craft space. Once you have it in the spot you’d like, pull out each table side, pop out the legs, and you’re in business! I love that you don’t have to use both sides, whatever you need at the moment, this cart makes it possible.

The DreamBox and DreamCart are the dream team. Having so much storage space and such a big work surface that can fold up and be put away is what every crafter dreams about! I know most of us crafters don’t have a huge work space, so being able to close everything up, and hide away all of my supplies, gives me the ability to use my craft space for other purposes!

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