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The Original ScrapBox is now Create Room.
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Jen Hadfield of TaterTots and Jello
, Ashley Puriri

Meet Jen

Meet Jen, the creative genius behind the Tatertots and Jello blog! She is a master of home and holiday decor and loves to share daily craft tutorials that inspire creative living. She has a beautiful paper line through Pebbles Inc. and American Crafts and was featured as one of the top 10 2017 Home Influencers in Forbes
Learn more about how the DreamBox helped Jen be more productive in her business by creating a "craft room" inside of her office.   

Jen's distinct and colorful style really shows up in the way she organizes and displays her supplies in the DreamBox. We love how she added wallpaper to the backs of her doors!

Learn more about how Jen personalized her box in the video below.   

The DreamBox sits in the front room of Jen's home. She really appreciates the versatility of being able to close away her workspace when she's done with a project. "I love how I can keep everything organized inside and when it's shut it is clean and beautiful!" 

Having a dedicated workspace has really improved productivity in the creative side of her business. 

"I have had kids moving in and out of my house over the past two years and no set place to craft. All of my supplies were spread throughout the house so it was hard to find anything. Now I have everything in one place which is amazing." 

Jen started her blog as a place to compile her creative ideas and projects. She loves encouraging people to develop their creative side and truly believes that anyone can be creative. We have to agree! 

Visit for amazing home and holiday decor tutorials like this! Be prepared to be endlessly inspired. 

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