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How to Organize your DreamBox for Cricut Crafting
, Corinne Spears

We're big Cricut crafters over here and we know you are too. That's why we designed the DreamBox to provide the ultimate Cricut crafting experience. 

So put down your weeding tool for a moment and explore the DreamBox - Cricut connection! 


1. Adjustable shelving 

The shelving in the DreamBox is vertically adjustable, making it easy to store machines of all sizes and shapes at easy access. Rest assured, your setup can change and evolve right along with you. 


2. Vinyl storage

What's a Cricut machine without a beautiful assortment of vinyl rolls? They sure add a lot to the craft, but can pose a real organization challenge. The DreamBox provides a perfectly sized storage solution in the 12.25" totes. 

3. Tool hooks

12 large hooks are included with the DreamBox and provide the perfect spot for all of your Cricut essentials. Imagine how much time you'll save with all of your tools right where you need them, when you need them. 


4. Machines front and center

We know out of sight often means out of mind. With the DreamBox, your most-used machine stays central and easy to access, so you can get even more out of your craft time. 


5. Accessible storage

Prefer your extra machines to be tucked away while still within reach? If this is you, we recommend you store your machines in your under-the-desk storage space so they are right there if you do need them! 

6. Power within reach

We have all been there. Having your power strip behind your work space just doesn't work. Feed your power strip through your DreamBox so you can have quick and easy access.


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