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honoring the women who taught me to craft
, Jasmine Simpson

Happy National Crafting Month! We’re thrilled to celebrate these next few weeks by exploring new crafts and skills that will help motivate you along your creative journey. As we kick off the first week of this crafty season, we’d like to share with you a few special words from our founder, Yvonne Hubert:  

For National Craft Month, I want to honor the women who taught me many crafting skills that have impacted my deep love to create.

  1. Thank you, mom, for teaching me how to sew and for encouraging me to take a sewing class in high school.
  2. Thank you, dear teacher, for teaching me how to tie beautiful straight, fluffy bows.
  3. Thank you, Roberta, for showing me that I was capable of using a scroll saw (And thank you, Wayne, for buying me a scroll saw).
  4. Thank you, Donna, for showing me how to work with silk and dried flowers.
  5. Thank you, Tami, for showing me how to decorate my home for Christmas and for weddings.
  6. Thank you to about 10 different women who showed me how to paint, design, and create decorations for my home.
  7. Thank you, Carol, for teaching me the basics of card making just 2 weeks ago. This year will be fun!


I love to create and couldn’t have done it without these dear women in my life! Today, it is too easy to turn to our phones instead of asking a friend to help us learn a new skill. YouTube is great, but I am so grateful for the memories, the laughs, and connections that bless my life.

Handmade cards from Yvonne's friend, Carol.

Handmade cards from Yvonne's friend, Carol.

I sincerely hope this National Crafting Month inspires all of you creators to learn something new, strengthening relationships and your innate desire to create!


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