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Homeschool Room Makeover with the DreamBox
, Alyssa Alley
For Rebecca, the DreamBox was the catalyst for a much needed change. It inspired her to finally take the leap and create the homeschool room of her dreams—plus a little room for herself, too. Read on for more details about this life-changing transformation. 

A messy situation

Rebecca is a homeschool mom of 5 young children who "never stop making messes." She had accepted disorganization as part of life. As a blogger, author, speaker, and avid planner, she also had her own stash of journaling and art supplies, stationary and more, with no great organization system in place.
The constant messes created a feeling of chaos and she was tired of things being misplaced, broken, or not being used because they weren't accessible. 

The dream

Rebecca dreamed of having a more functional school room for her kids and a dedicated space for her own creative activities. Her search for a solution led her to the DreamBox.
As she began to fully comprehended the potential for organization, she started to think bigger. With a little convincing, her husband jumped on board and they committed to tackle the unfinished basement and convert it into a school space, with the DreamBox as the centerpiece. 

From unfinished basement to homeschool haven

Watch the full renovation project from start to finish.  
"I am so beyond thrilled with the results... Supplies I haven’t used in months because I couldn’t find them are accessible and organized and available to me. I am doing more journaling, more art, and so are my kids. Everything is ready to go next time we feel the urge to do something creative, and to me, it is SO worth every minute of time we spent on this whole transformation and every penny we invested."

In-depth DreamBox Tour 

Rebecca recently shared a 20 minute in-depth tour of her DreamBox, explaining exactly how she organized everything, down to each individual tote and shelf. 
Follow Rebecca's homeschool journey at

How would YOU use a DreamBox? 




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