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energy - august 2021
, Jacob Horton

Through years of working closely with creators, we've discovered seven distinct reasons why we are driven to create—joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, and renewal. We call these the creative intentions. 

Step one of the Create Room Journey will help you identify your core creative intention, but you will likely feel driven to fulfill each of them at different times. We invite you to join us this month as we focus on creating room for energy! 

Create Room For Energy  

What kinds of creative activities help you feel energized?

For you, energy might be discovered through trying new things, achieving personal goals, getting and staying organized, creating something with vivid or bright colors, or creating with others. Whatever it is, it is important to take time to rejuvenate and energize yourself! How will you focus more on finding and feeling more energy this month? If you're drawing a blank, we invite you to spend some time this month exploring creative activities that help you find energy. 

We asked our founder, Yvonne, to share with us her thoughts on this month's intention.

"Like many of you, creating makes time stop, giving me the break and energy I need to be at my best and to be able to serve those around me. This time is so important for all of us." - Yvonne, Create Room Co-Founder

Energy Sources


Our team handpicked some songs that help them feel energized. Turn on this playlist while you create this month to enhance the feelings of energy! 

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Music

PHONE WALLPAPERSWe're all busy and it's easy to forget. Click on an image below (or hold down if you're on a phone!) to download one of our energy themed phone wallpapers and set it as your home or lock screen as a consistent reminder of your commitment to focus on energy this month! 

Show us how you create room for joy this month with #CreateRoomForEnergy.




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