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Cricut Cut File For Clear Totes
, Ashley Puriri

Create Your Space  

We love seeing our customers personalize their ScrapBox furniture! Who knew there were so many fun ways to dress up your box and make it all your own?   
One clever WorkBox owner, Holly Yarbrough, used Cricut Design Space to create a cut file to fit paper in the front of her totes! These files can be accessed by anyone with a Cricut ID.  No need to resize, they should fit perfectly

Large tote

Shoebox tote

Notions tote

If you are utilizing a different program, here are the SVG files:

Large tote SVG

Shoebox tote SVG

Notions tote SVG

Large tote – resize to a width of 12.858″

Shoebox tote – resize to a width of 5.479″

Notions tote – resize to a width of 2.472″

Holly's advice for anyone using the cut files: 
Since the totes are slightly larger than 12" x 12", you will need paper slightly larger as well. (You will also need the 12" x 24" mat to cut these on your Cricut machine). I cheated and spliced together two 4.5 x 6.5 pieces from a small stack book. If I hadn’t told you, you would never know!

She also labeled her totes using her Cricut machine.

"I used the October Twilight font and cut them on white matte oracle 651. Since this is on the outside of the tote, if you want to change the appearance of your workbox, you can easily change out the inserts I created without having to redo the labels."

See more labeling ideas HERE.

Small Space Craft Solution 

Holly moved her WorkBox 2.0 across the country from a large home to a unique downtown loft with well under half the square footage. After the move, she made several upgrades to her box. She swapped out her fabric totes for the new clear totes and added the door upgrade kit and ScrapMaBox accessory. 

"I went from having a room dedicated to crafting, to a wall under the stair case in our loft. I didn’t truly appreciate my WorkBox or EZ View Desk until I set this space up. Before, if I had a project in progress I could just leave everything out in the open and simply shut the door. Because my craft room was carpeted, I seldom closed my WorkBox. It was usually wide open with the desk up. Now I fully utilize the ability to close everything up and hide my projects away when we have guests. The space that I craft in doubles as our guest room as well as my husband’s office and a second living room."  
Learn more about how Holly moved her WorkBox and EZ View Desk across the country.

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