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creating room for energy with mister domestic
, Jacob Horton

Why do you create?  

Humans have an innate desire to create. Why is that? For many of us, it’s because creating helps us feel rejuvenated and energized. It helps us find balanced and centered. Energy is one of the seven creative intentions that we talk about here at Create Room—the reasons we are driven to create. 

As we have focused on creating room for energy this month, we had the chance to talk to Mathew Boudreaux (Mister Domestic) about why it is such an important factor in his creative work.

Q: How do you create room for energy in your life? 
A: My answer is very meta, so I hope you follow. Energy is what connects all of us an humans, so I not only try to put out the good juju energy into the universe, but I also need to maintain the energy of my spirit as well. It’s through this balance of energy that I find my joy and gratitude, which infuses that into energy that I make.
Q: What kinds of things do you create? What is your favorite creative project?
A: I make all the things and try very hard not to pigeon-hole myself into one medium. When folks ask, I always say I’m a maker. Period. So for me, really truly whatever I happen to be working on at any given point would be my favorite because making brings me into presence and I’m actively getting joy from what I’m working on, which is like THE BEST, It’s very much about the journey and not the destination for me with making stuff.
Q: How do you see energy expressed in your personal works and creations or find energy through creating?
A: First, I’m a firm believer that handmade items trap the emotions and energy of the maker creating it. So I make certain the process is joy-filled because the project remembers. From an aesthetic lens, saturation of color is absolutely like a volume dial of energy for me. I’ve predominantly gone full throttle with color, partially because that’s what performs well on social media and partially because it just feels good. But lately I’ve been exploring quieter pallets, which has been eye opening to the slowed-down, necessary energy for me.
Q: What is your DreamBox Style?
A: My general DreamBox Style is rainbow goodness infused with a modicum of approachable mess. I honestly am quite suspicious of folks who keep a super tidy crafting space because the only time mine is snatched is when I’m not working on something. But overall, I really love the gradient of a rainbow in my DreamBox.
Q: How does your DreamBox help you in achieving your intention? How does it allow you to feel and have energy yourself? 
A: I think all of us makers know how it feels when we’re in the creative zone. Like everything is clicking, no seam rippers or frogging needed, technology is working, all supplies are present and accounted for. And the one sure fire way I get pulled from this “sweet spot”of creating is when I can’t find something. And my DreamBox allows me to find stuff really fast, so no interruption of energy occurs. Plus it looks like a showpiece in rainbow display, which is inspiration in itself.
Q: What is your favorite DreamBox accessory? 
A: Omg the crown + light absolutely. Aesthetically, it completes the look and lights my “center stage”really well. And the top has become a rotating display of my projects (and stacks of fleece behind the projects that no one sees so shhh….). Definitely worth the upgrade for me.
Q: What advice do you have for other Creators trying to find or express more energy in their work?
A: The first thing is to establish an intention for the energy you want to bring into your DreamBox and your projects. You’re in control of that, but you have to be able to visualize that first. Like for me, my entire craft room is my happy place where I go to zen out and to find joy. So the way I store and organize stuff needs to reflect that. Without the intention, it’s impossible for me to get in the zone because my brain can’t comprehend the ideal state.
Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell our audience about who you are?
A: At the core of everything Mister Domestic is a truly inclusive space and experience. As a gay man, I have difficulty finding craft spaces and groups where I feel truly seen and truly welcomed. So, I really make it a priority that folks in the Mister Domestic Community do feel seen and do feel welcome. So if you’re digging my vibe, you can find "Mister Domestic" on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & TikTok, as well as my website, blog, and online sewing school SEW U.




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