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creating room for calm
, Jacob Horton

Throughout several years of working alongside creators, we've discovered seven distinct reasons why we are driven to create—joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, and renewal. We call these the creative intentions. 

In Step One of the Create Room Journey, you can learn about the different types of core creative intentions and their meanings. During each of your creative sessions, the most important step is choosing which intention you would like to fulfill. This month, we invite you to focus with us on creating room for calmness!


Create Room For Calm  


What kinds of creative activities help you feel calm? 


Every person achieves a feeling of calm in their own way. For you, maybe calm is achieved by taking a step back from the stressful elements of your day, whether that is decluttering a disorganized room or clearing up a busy schedule. Whatever your method is, remember that it is important to take the time to focus on calm and transform your creative mindset. How do you plan to achieve a sense of calm this month? If you are struggling to relax and focus on calmness, we encourage you to devote a portion of time this month on exploring the creative activities that help you to feel calm.

We have asked our founder, Yvonne, to share with us how she focuses on calm.

"I can’t talk about “calm” without mentioning my husband, Wayne. His loving influence and encouragement over 33 years of marriage is priceless to me. He has always supported my crafting crazes, sewing messes, and JoAnn’s shopping trips. 

So many of us can create more calm in our homes through our chosen craft. Music helps me feel calm and focused! What helps you?" - Yvonne, Create Room Co-Founder

Calm Sources


This month, we've handpicked a couple of our favorite songs that help us feel calm. Go ahead and tune into this playlist while you create this month to focus on feeling calm!

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Music


 Sometimes, it can be difficult to remember your intentions amidst a busy schedule. To help you remember your intention on the go, we've created calm themed wallpapers as a consistent reminder of your commitment to focus on calm throughout the rest of this month. Click on an image below (or hold down if you're on a phone) to download one of our calm themed wallpapers for your phone or computer!

Show us how you create room for calm this month with #CreateRoomForCalm.




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