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Coming Home to your Craft Haven
, Ashley Puriri
Humans naturally long for a place to belong, a place to call home. Home provides refuge and relief, but there's something more. When our basic and psychological needs are met, through the comforts of home, we can attend to other areas of life that contribute to our overall self fulfillment. This principal holds true for us creatives too.  
So what exactly gives us the feeling of home and how can we increase it in our craft space? In IKEA's 2018 home report, researchers identified five core emotional needs connected to home: privacy, security, comfort, ownership, and belonging. Knowing more about these needs can help turn your your craft space into a haven within your home where you can do your best work. See our tips below. 


A recent study shows clutter can inhibit our ability to feel connected to our space, rather leaving us feeling distant and alienated. Kind of like walking into a room full of strangers. Tidying up your craft room will help build a positive psychological connection and a sense of belonging. Go ahead, put outer order, inner calm to the test. 
We're inspired by Allison's craft room transformation. Watch the full video. 


While other places in your home may be catered to family or other household members, this space is just for you. You have free rein. Use colors you are drawn to. Make room for things that inspire you. If there is one place in the world that reflects your personality, let this be it. 
We love how Stephanie has made her creative space her own. Take a tour

Privacy and security 

Your craft space will become more like home if it makes you feel safe, grounded and in control. Give yourself permission to explore your creativity here without judgement and keep certain areas off limits to others. When life gets hectic, you'll feel better knowing there is at least one place where things are in order.  
One of the many benefits of the DreamBox is that it can close up and keep everything neat and secure until you return. 


Physical comfort leads to positive experiences that will make you want to keep coming back. Think about what in your space is physically uncomfortable. Tools inaccessible? A chair that is giving you back pain? Be sure to address these things.
Plants and flowers are also well-recognized for their ability to positively impact our mood and reduce stress and provide emotional comfort.

What have you done to make your craft space feel more like home?




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