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Aunt Carolina's Pop-Up Art Room
, Alyssa Alley

We gave a few crafters early access to the DreamCart. For Carolina, it has given her the ability to carry on a legacy of creating together as a family, with a quick 30-second setup.  

Why do you create?

My grandmother and I use to craft together. It was our special time together. We filled many weekends creating side by side. She taught me a lot. I always knew I wanted to carry on the tradition with my family.

What kind of a crafter are you?

My grandmother and I did it all. We painted, made jewelry, sewed- a bit of everything. I still make many different things. 

How is the DreamCart for creating with kids?

I have always wanted to carry on the crafting tradition with my nieces and nephews. But, my home is small and I have lacked a proper creative space. I’ve felt pretty guilty about it. The DreamCart now gives me a place to create with my family. I am thrilled. I was really surprised that something so small (closed up) could expand into a table big enough for all of us. It’s super easy to move from my bedroom into our living room when it’s craft time.

How do you use the totes?

Ten of the thirteen totes are for my kid's art supplies. I leave three empty to store our projects in process. We often need a few craft sessions to complete our work. 

All of my supplies were previously in deep totes in my hallway closet. Having my stuff in view and within reach is amazing! The kids can easily grab what they need.




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