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Ashley's Sewing Station
, Alyssa Alley

We gave a few crafters early access to the DreamCart. For Ashley, it has become her sewing station and hub for her small business.   

What’s your creative passion? Why do you create?

I think for me it boils down to being able to express individuality. I've always wanted to make things my own. I spent a whole summer as a kid building a customized polly pocket mall out of cardboard and anything I could find around the house, because I wanted it to have the right design and color palette. In high school I shopped almost exclusively at thrift stores and refashioned the clothes I found so I wouldn't be dressed like everyone else. I think that self expression in any form is a way of exercising creativity. For me, creating helps me feel more connected to myself. 

What kind of crafter are you? 

I grew up going to sewing summer camps and I've continued to do a lot of sewing as an adult, but I don't know that I would call myself a seamstress. A sewing machine is a tool that gives me the ability to create something, which is what I really love about it. I like learning new skills because it expands my thinking of what I can create. I recently tried needle punching and I'm in love! 

What types of supplies do you use and store?

I currently have an Etsy shop where I sell handmade backpacks, so a lot of my tools and supplies are geared towards that craft. I have a lot of fabric, zippers, cotton webbing, etc. I use the 13"X13" totes to store the backpacks that are in progress. That has been super helpful for keeping things organized. 

I love that the DreamCart gives me additional space, so now I can make room to store craft materials that I enjoy using when I'm not working on orders. Things like embroidery thread and hoops, leather, beads, and paint. I also like to read and write, so now I have a shelf for books and notebooks. 

How is the DreamCart for sewing?

Awesome. For several reasons. 1. The table space. A big part of sewing is cutting, which requires a big, empty work surface that the DreamCart offers. 2. The simple setup/cleanup. I have a small living space, so when I'm done working on projects I always want to tidy up and the DreamCart makes it so easy. 3. The storage. It is deceiving how much you can fit underneath in the totes. I am always switching out my totes back and forth between the DreamBox and DreamCart, so I have everything in reach for the current project. 

How is the setup when it’s connected to the DreamBox?

You really can't ask for a better setup. I used to run out of table space when I was working on a sewing project, but the DreamCart has fixed that completely. And now that there are multiple workstations, it's much easier to convince my husband to help me with orders. :) 




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