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Allison's craft room transformation
, Ashley Puriri

Meet Allison 

Allison is a mom of three, an artist and a business woman who has been struggling to balance her various creative pursuits.

Art has always been a big part of her life. She went to art school, started a handmade business and now runs the Queen Bee Market, San Diego’s original urban-style, artisan market. She's pretty incredible! But in all the hustle and bustle, some of her most treasured art activities have fallen to the wayside. Her college paint supplies remain hidden in the back of her closet and her plans to teach art to her kids continue to fall through. 

The problem  

Her craft space isn't working. The room started out with a lot of promise, but over the years it has turned into chaos—with mounds of office supplies, kid stuff and craft materials. Without a good system, things have become inaccessible and disorganized. It's not an enjoyable place to be. 

When Allison does choose to venture in, she often ends up working on the floor or taking the whole project out of the room to the kitchen table. 

The transformation 

Flash forward and Allison's craft room is now a very different place. With a little help from the DreamBox and the Create Room Crew, the space is not only beautiful, but functional. Everything has a home.    

Her art supplies are accessible for the first time since college and she is now teaching art lessons to her kids every Wednesday afternoon.Watch Allison's full craft room transformation below and take a peek inside her DreamBox.  

How would the DreamBox improve your craft space? 




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