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Reactions to The WorkBox 2.0!
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Our team at The Original ScrapBox has been highlighting The WorkBox 2.0, and now it's time to highlight our customers!

Read our favorite collection of Facebook comments below from people like you! You can also watch our newest video featuring customers from our Scrapbooking Expo in Sacramento, CA. 


  • "...perhaps I'll win the lottery and than I'll get one for myself and others...I get a get a Scrapbox, you get a Scrapbox…. " - Sheryl G. 

  • "I'm not even a crafty person but this makes me want to be one!" Meredith J.

  • "Wouldn't this be awesome for your hair stuff? #dream" - Elizabeth N. 

  • "Honey I need this for my jewelry, wigs, hairpieces, bows, clamps, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, make-up, sewing supplies, repair kit along with a few other trinkets." Dannielle D.

  • "I've never seen this. My hearts skips watching this video. My life so needs two of these" - Rita A. 

  • "oh my crafts!!!!!!! I want this!!!!!" - Mich E. 

  • "BABE I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT please oh please oh please oh please oh pleaseeeeeeeeeee!" - Morgan D. 

  • "This also needs to come as a TARDIS…" - Courtney D. 

  • "Omg this is amazing and makes me want to be crafty..I kind of want to put my jewelry and accessories in it" Jillian P.

  • "Shut up and take maaa monaaaayyy"LiLi M.

  • "OMG WE NEED 2 OF THESE !!!!!! We love being creative but have no room to work ! This would solve SO many problems !!! Please Santa !!!!!!!!!!" - Carmen J. 

  • "I have tears in my eyes. Dear Santa, I've been good ALL year. I promise!" Edwina B.

  • "I would love to have that in my Floral shop!" Leslie W.

  • "Dream storage space for a cake decorator, please make one" Lisa P. 

  • "Where is my LOVE button?!?" Doxie L.  

Thank you again to all of our customers who have loved our products! We are looking to have more WorkBox 2.0s come back into stock very soon! Keep following us on social media for more updates.