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Denver Rocks!
, Kat Espinoza

Welcome back to our Customer Corner! If you are new to our blog, welcome! This is an area where we post reviews, pictures, and suggestions from people like you, thank you!

This weekend, we had the chance to attend the Scrapbook Expo in Denver, Colorado. There, we met these fellow crafters who instantly fell in love with our WorkBox 2.0

Our friend Margaret flew in all the way from South Carolina just to see our WorkBox in person! 

Seeing The 
WorkBox 2.0 made our friend Diane excited to craft! 

What do you love about your WorkBox? You won't believe how many products our WorkBox can hold!


"I absolutely love my [WorkBox] ~ thank you to the creative genius of this product"
- @i_luv_crafts via instagram

"My husband looked at mine last night and commented that he thought it was supposed to close up. Told him the beauty of it was that I didn't have to! Love love love my WorkBox"
- @nikbatty via instagram

**Tip from our craft room to yours: Use velcro sticky dots to adhere small objects to your velcro doors! The possibilities are endless! 


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