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Hello September. How do you do?
, Kat Espinoza

We are already a week into September!

Summer is ending and school is back in session. Here at The Original ScrapBox, we are excited to start the new school year off right by getting organized!

With thousands of you following our Facebook page daily, our Customer Corner this week is filled with exciting reviews and comments made by you, the customers!

"What a dream!! Would love to have a WorkBox one day! My sewing and other craft stuffs have taken over my kitchen table! ;) I think this would be perfect for an apartment!" - Melanie V.

Additionally, if you live in a smaller apartment, consider buying our MiniBox It is the perfect alternative to storing your stash in a smaller space.

"[The WorkBox] took us 2 days to [put together], but then it took me 4 days to organize, and its been 5 years since I've got mine and to this day when I walk past my craft room, I stop and look at it!!! It's amazing, I have the WorkBox and it's awesome !!!! It's even fun to put it together, and I had help, my cat and my husband!!!" - Judith L. 

With beautiful storage and lasting design, The WorkBox 2.0 is sure to turn your house into a home and your craft room into the dream craft room you have always wanted!

"Just filled mine--so fun! After having a huge studio this is a great downsize piece. I still have shelves in a closet that holds albums and refills but this holds SOOOO much. What is the best way to label each container? Not really OCD, but it would help since there are so many!" - Cindy H.

Simply print out your labels on the computer, then cut and place them onto your favorite craft paper. Use a sticky dot to hold your labels in place. Customize your WorkBox to match your craft room and soon you will need our WorkBox Crown Accessory to light up your workstation and craft into the late night!

"I not only enjoy my WorkBox, but I love my desk as well. I'm able to keep so many things I use a lot at my fingertips. Thanks for making such great products!" - Tonya G. 

The Black EZ View Desk, new adjusted pricing!


We love hearing your questions and comments on our Facebook page. If you would like to have your craft room featured on our blog, please send in your photos and a review to our marketing department:

Inspire creativity today!
From your friends at The Original ScrapBox





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