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4 reasons why the dreambox is the perfect match for your silhouette crafting supplies
, Jacob Horton

One of the things we love most about the DreamBox is its ability to easily house all your favorite craft supplies and tools, including Silhouette cutting machines and vinyl rolls. Whether you are looking for more storage, organization, or workspace, the DreamBox has got you covered. Don’t believe us just yet? That’s alright! We’ve laid out several reasons why the DreamBox is the perfect solution for Silhouette crafting:


1. The DreamBox is a blank canvas for vinyl crafters


The DreamBox is designed to house a variety of crafting supplies for every type of creator out there. In addition to its perfect hideaway appearance, you can also upgrade the look of your décor with your own personal touch.

If you are an avid vinyl or DIY label maker, this DreamBox has just the right amount of flair and functionality for your crafting personality. Go ahead and dress up your DreamBox with all your favorite designs!


2. The Silhouette machines fit right in


Believe us when we say, we’ve tried this out ourselves, and we absolutely loved it. The Silhouette Portrait® is a great portable companion for making all your DIY labels and vinyl stickers on the go. Even when you are not out and about, the Portrait tucks away perfectly into the DreamBox, giving you an easy craft experience no matter where or when you decide to create.

And that’s not even the half of it! The DreamBox is a great home for other machines like the Silhouette Mint stamp maker, and the Silhouette Alta Plus, their 3D printing machine.

If you work mostly with 12-24 inch cutting projects, you can store both sizes of the Silhouette Cameo 4 cutter right in view where you need them most!


3. Adjustable shelves give you an endless range of storage options


The adjustable shelving of the DreamBox allows for you to organize all your crafting supplies on your own terms. Need a little extra space for your tall vinyl rolls or a spot for your starter kits? No matter, the DreamBox has several shelf sections for each of your supplies that can be adjusted however you prefer.


4. Our DreamBox accessories can help you through every step of your creative session


In addition to storing all your Silhouette cutting machines, the DreamBox accessories provide an effortless way for you to keep all your crafting supplies in order and within easy reach.

The DreamBox hooks can securely hold all your hand tools such as scissors, scrapers, spatulas, and so much more!

Need a new spot for all your favorite sketch pens and markers? Our Tool Cubby can help you keep them organized however you like!

The best place for your cardstock collection is right inside our Shallow Totes and InView Totes. Organize your felt, paper, and sticker sheets by your favorite colors or keep them spontaneous. It’s all up to you!

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