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3 reasons to add plants to your creative space
, Jacob Horton

Plants seem to be everywhere nowadays. Whether you’re scrolling through your feed on social media or looking for inspiration on Pinterest, you're bound to see a lot of green and an abundance of proud plant parents! 

Turns out, keeping plants around is more than just trendy. Read on to learn about the amazing benefits they can provide us as creators. 

IMG by @meikearts


1. Plants Help Boost Creativity 

Yep, that’s right! Having a plant in your creative space actually helps you be more creative. Research has shown that as humans, we have an innate desire to be connected to nature. If you tend to work and craft indoors, bringing plants into your creative space can help fill that inner need for connection - one of the creative intentions that we focus on here at Create Room. Fulfilling that innate desire allows us to feel more rejuvenated, inspired and motivated to create. 

Not only that, but studies have found that nature is a great source for finding inspiration. The natural shapes, patterns, and colors of nature have been inspiring creators all over the world for centuries. What a great reason to bring that natural inspiration right to your very own creative space!


2. Plants Increase Productivity 

Green means GO! More plants equals more productivity. For starters, the color green has shown to be very beneficial for mental health. It has a relaxing and calming effect that helps you maintain focusNature also activates different processing modes in the brain, allowing for increased concentration.

IMG by @meikearts

A living plant is also helpful in cleaning the air. Too much carbon dioxide can have unhealthy effects on humans and cause headaches, dizziness, or increased heart rate. With plants absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, you will have a healthier space and better ability to concentrate. 


3. Plants Provide Emotional Comfort  

If you love the look and feel of your creative space, you will want to keep coming back. Plants are amazing for sprucing up your style and bringing that warm, homey feeling. 

IMG by @realitydaydream

In a recent blog post, we featured the most popular DreamBox styles we have seen throughout the years. What we found was that no matter your decor style, plants always seem to enhance the look. With the variety of shapes and sizes, there is something for everyone.

Have you added plants to your creative space? 




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