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10 must-have crafts for national crafting month
, Jacob Horton

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? We know crafting makes you happier and healthier. However, with life's busy tendencies it can be hard to justify dedicating your precious time, especially to yourself. We care about you and want to help you have the creative life you deserve.

Here are 10 extremely justifiable crafts from 10 of our favorite crafters, specially for you! 

The Cutest Backpack Cake Sheet

If you have kids, we know how big of a role they play in your life. This great DIY tutorial by Erin Bakes will help you create something special for your cuties next special event. 


The Perfect Accent Crochet Basket

Everyone understands the appeal of a good versatile basket. We know you are always looking for unique, stylish ways to keep your house tidy. This adorable free pattern by Persia Lou will give you just that- a stylish, cute basket with just enough nostalgic crochet. 

Much-Needed Outdoor Getaway

With Spring being just around the corner, it is so crucial to have an outdoor getaway so you can get all the fresh air. With this DIY outdoor lounge space by Classy Clutter you will get just that and as an added plus- have fun while doing it. 

Road To The Perfect Color Palette

We know sometimes creating the perfect color palette can be very tricky. The Littlest Detail's simple steps to create a color palette will make your crafting experience that much more seamless regardless of the craft. 

Rainbow Wreath for the Brightest and Happiest Feels

Sometimes staying positive is not always easy. If you love rainbow colors you know just how life changing they can be. Stay uplifted every time you walk in the door with Tatertots & Jello's DIY Rainbow wreath.

The Plant That Will Live

Just about everyone loves the feeling a plant brings to their space. Unfortunately keeping them alive is not always a pleasant experience. Get the best experience with this DIY felt Christmas cactus by Lia Griffith. It will stay with you even if you forget to water it. 

Weight Off Your Shoulders

We all know we'd *like* a coat rack, but for many it never happens. Getting home and being able to shed your coat without dirtying your house is just what you need. This DIY coat rack by The House That Lars Built will give you a fun project and also get your coats off your couch. 

Sweet As a Cherry

We all LOVE when we are able to give our friends and family small nothings. It however can be difficult to find the perfect accent to that cute gift you've been meaning to give to your loved one. These adorable DIY felt cherries by Oh Happy Day make the perfect party favors, place cards, or gift toppers. 

Need Something Sweet?

Did you know craft month is for sweets too? We know you love sweets, but sometimes need an excuse to take the time to make something tasty. This lemon pie recipe by Joanna Gaines will be sure to make your mouth water and be worth every single calorie. 

Bee Chic and Sustainable

Who doesn't love when a craft is useful, pretty, AND fun? If you are wanting to work towards being more sustainable, stop buying that plastic wrap. This adorable DIY beeswax is a wonderful alternative and is a great step to get there.  

We hope these crafts help give you the perfect jumpstart to this year's craft month. In the comments, let us know what you would like to see next!

Willing to accept the challenge to make one of these crafts?

Tag us on Instagram in a picture of your craft at @createroomco. 


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