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InView™, in reach, in seconds.

  • Beautiful timeless exterior
  • Foldaway craft room
  • 85,000 cubic inches of storage space
  • Up to 80 InView™ Totes for craft supplies
  • Large table (standing or sitting height)
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You have named it perfectly!!!!! Thank you!!!
— Sheri B.

Product Description


Like a warm bath on a brisk day, the DreamBox is an in-home getaway. Surround yourself with things you love, in an organized and inspiring fashion. And because the DreamBox is so customizable, your workspace can evolve right along with you. Available in beautiful new modern exteriors—perfect for showcasing your style in any room.   

  • Timeless exteriors
  • Now with 216,000 cubic centimeters of storage space
  • Large adjustable table
  • Customizable to meet your needs

A new way to craft! Everything consolidated and within reach. 

Estimated Total Shipping time: 14-20 weeks*
*Product is manufactured in the USA and typically ships from our 
UK and EU warehouses in 0-2 weeks once it has arrived.  Gray Shaker may be longer.

Assembly Required.


- All shelves are vertically adjustable
- Patented tri-fold nesting system
- Hundreds of ways to customize it to fit your needs

Inview™ Tote Tracks - offer easier-than-ever DreamBox customization, increased storage space and reduced build time.  Large and Notions-sized InView Totes slide directly onto Tracks.  Enjoy a cleaner look and more space for your supplies.

Fold out Table - 50% more table space with a 91.44 cm x 91.44 cm table that folds up to access storage below. Room for two crafters! Enjoy three table heights: standing height (91.44 cm), drafting, and sitting height (73.66 cm). Sturdy locking adjustable legs (2).

Central Storage Space - Store machines or other items up to 35.88 cm tall above table and up to 62.23 cm tall below table. Vertically adjustable shelving. 

Swing Doors (2) - 9.2075 cm deep. Customizable with a total of 10 adjustable shelves, 12 acrylic guards, 12 hooks and 4 metal rods (all included). 6 deep pockets (6.985 cm deep). 


    • 40 to 80 acrylic totes with 2 dividers per shoebox tote and 3 dividers per each notion tote
    • 90 or 140 Inview™ Tote Tracks
    • 21 Shelves 
    • 16 clear lidded jars (16 oz.)
    • 12 acrylic guards
    • 12 hooks
    • 4 metal rods
    • 12 steel caster wheels
    • 1 Security Kit. 


    Click Here for a larger image.

     40 InView™ Tote Package 80 InView™ Tote Package

    18 Large Totes

    34 Large Totes

    8 Shoebox Totes

    20 Shoebox Totes

    14 Notions Totes

    26 Notions Totes
    21 Adjustable Shelves 21 Adjustable Shelves


    Large Totes

    32.39 cm W x 32.39 cm L x 7.62 cm H

    Shoebox Totes

    13.97 cm W x 30.48 cm L x 11.43 cm H

    Notions Totes

    5.84 cm W x 30.48 cm L x 7.62 cm H


    Freight & Delivery

    Each order is custom crated and shipped via freight for curbside delivery only. Call customer service before placing your order if you have concerns regarding ship dates. For more shipping information click here.

    • 24 Month Warranty*
    • Any returns will get a full refund minus shipping.*

    *Click here for more information

    Assembly Required

    It takes 4 to 8 hours to build with two people, depending on experience. Comes with easy-to-follow written and picture instructions. 

    Don't want to build your DreamBox? Check out this service for a free quote and locations

    your haven
    your way
    The DreamBox is ultra customizable to accommodate all your crafting needs. Finally, a workspace that is as serious about creativity as you are.
    massive joy delivered curbside
    Your box is custom crafted. Once it’s ready, we’ll email you a tracking number that allows you to track your order to a delivery hub in your area.
    Once your box arrives, a delivery hub will contact you to schedule curbside delivery. Deliver usually takes place within 2-3 business days.
    Your box will be delivered curbside. That’s fancy for "delivery guy won’t bring it inside your house." So make sure you have a friend or two on hand to help out.
    98% of people love their DreamBox
    but just in case
    12-month warranty
    Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Unique patented design
    what folks are saying about the DreamBox
    what folks are saying about the DreamBox




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